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Exfoliate. Polish. Scrub

$3.00 USD$7.00 USD
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  • Citrus Turmeric Polish - $7.00 USD
  • Vanilla Apricot Scrub - $7.00 USD
  • Green Tea Face Scrub - $7.00 USD
  • Strawberry Rose Scrub - $7.00 USD
  • Strawberry Watermelon Lip Scrub - $3.00 USD
  • Sweet tea Lip scrub - $3.00 USD
  • Maple syrup Lip Scrub - $3.00 USD
  • Kiwi Face Scrub - $7.00 USD
  • Lemonade Lip Scrub - $3.00 USD
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All of our scrubs are organic cane sugar.

Citrus Turmeric Polish has turmeric in it that prevents acne and helps with dark marks and uneven skin tones.

Green Tea Face Scrub has green and peppermint tea leaves in it. The scrub has Tea tree oil that fights acne and olive oil that contains antioxidant that moisturizes the skin.

Kiwi face scrub is a whipped foam face scrubs that exfoliates and cleanses the skins.

Vanilla Apricot scrub has liquid black soap which is rich in Vitamins A and E. This scrub has apricot seeds which contains Vitamin B17 that helps fight cancer cells.

Strawberry Rose scrub has dried rose petals in it combined with strawberry seeds.